Mobile App Features To Engage And Retain Your Customers

From total design control to segmented push notifications, Shopgate gives retailers the tools to go mobile with no coding required.

Apps That Send Push Notifications Have 7X Higher Retention Rates

Segment users by profile data or app events and send messages to specific groups, providing personalized, relevant messages that are significantly more effective than emails.

Segmented messages have a 2x higher click through rate over mass publications. Communicate directly with your customers one-time or schedule automated messages based on their in-app actions:

  • Abandoned cart reminders
  • App-exclusive offers
  • New product announcements
  • First app launch
  • View specific products/categories


Total Design Control

Shopgate's widget system puts the power in your hands, enabling marketers and merchandisers to create landing pages, launch promotions and make design edits that beautifully highlight your products at any time. Using the latest iOS and Material Design standards, you can curate a truly unique app experience for your customers with no coding.

Make Every Ad Shoppable

Connect all your marketing initiatives back to your app using the Adscanner, which uses intelligent image recognition software to allow users to scan your printed or digital materials, and be sent directly to the product shown for a tap-and-buy experience.



Tag images with markers that identify specific products, linking your app to all your marketing efforts, both print and digital. This smoother path to purchase drives higher conversion rates and makes your marketing more effective.

  • Catalogs
  • Flyers
  • Billboards
  • Digital screens


Simplify The Checkout Process

Over 45% of cart abandonment occurs at the payment stage. 4 out of 5 consumers bail on the checkout process because of the logistics of entering their payment information. Shopgate offers 1-touch Apple Pay, PayPal Wallet and a credit card scanner to help retailers fight cart abandonment.

App Analytics

Shopgate's suite of analytics tools help you understand the people who use your apps, optimize their experience and reach them with powerful push notification and mobile ad campaigns.

Marketing Tools to Build Customer Relationships

Shopgate’s suite of powerful marketing tools enables you to nurture and strengthen lasting relationships with your customers, resulting in long-term loyalty.

Seamless Integration with Leading eCommerce Technologies

Shopgate partners with almost every eCommerce platform available. Our one-click integrations make it easy to extend your online business to include apps and mobile websites.

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