Shopgate Marketing & Design Services

Enlist the help and guidance of a veteran team of professional designers and marketing experts.
Shopgate's mobile experts will help you expand your business and enhance your customer experience—all through our very own Shopgate platform.

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App Marketing Services

Mobile apps are meant to attract, engage, and retain customers—all of which drive more sales conversions. Shopgate has a team of well-educated and extensively-experienced marketing consultants who are happy to help you identify and eliminate your marketing weaknesses.

No matter where you’re stuck in your mobile marketing journey, we offer marketing consultation packages to fit your business needs.

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Marketing Strategy Review

We’ll emphasize your successful measures, solve your marketing weaknesses, and establish goals.

icon2_researchApp Store Optimization

Our team will consult you on imagery and more to boost your app’s visibility in the app stores.

icon3_downloadsTargeted App Downloads

We’ll show you the ins and outs of a successful targeting ad campaign to generate downloads.

icon4_reportingMonthly Reporting

We’ll offer regular reporting and analysis so you always understand your app’s performance.

icon5_appdescriptionASO Descriptions

We’ll help you write the copy required to have a significant presence in the app stores.

icon6_pushPush Notification Management

We’ll help you create and manage monthly push campaigns to increase customer engagement.


App Design Services

Apptimize your business with stunning design services for your mobile app. Our designers will help translate your online presence into a beautiful, effective and engaging app experience.

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The Complete App Design Package
Shopgate will not just make a visually appealing app, we’ll curate your app experience. We’ll help you launch an app that visually and functionally guides your customers to purchase.

Shopgate’s app design package includes:
Thorough design execution focusing on user experience
Brand assessment through review of current online presence
✓ Custom layouts, imagery and graphics