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Mobile Shopping Solutions
by Shopgate

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for smartphones & tablets

Your Customers are Looking for You!

59% are using a mobile device

Leave the perfect first impression on your mobile customers with an online shop optimized for mobile shopping. More than 59% of your customers wish for a perfect display and a clear navigation for their smartphone. Let your customers find what they need quickly and easily in your store with a mobile optimized website!

Mobile Traffic Increases Daily

Go mobile with Shopgate
and increase your mobile revenue today!

Up to 10x more revenue

from mobile visits with a
mobile shop by Shopgate

Mobile Websites by Shopgate Up to 10x more revenue

Regular webshop unimproved

Your Advantages with Shopgate

Turn your mobile visitors into customers!

  • Fast loading speed
  • Touch optimized
  • Clear navigation
  • Optimal usability
  • Optimized mobile checkout
  • High conversion rate from mobile traffic
  • Active conversion optimization
  • Mobile search engine optimized
  • Better Google ranking
  • GPS-supported store finder


for iPhone & Android smartphones

The Direct Line to Your Customers

Perfect communication thanks to your own mobile commerce app

The versatile tools of your own mobile shopping app enable a perfect communication with your customers. Send targeted push messages to draw attention to special offers, present new products or send out coupons directly. Convince your customers with exclusive features that no other mobile shopping app offers. Stay in touch with your new and existing customers in many ways. Having a mobile commerce app is easy and gives your communication a personal touch!

Built to Impress!

Innovative mobile shopping apps for iPhone and Android
lead to success and increase your customer retention

Happy customers will return!

20% of recurring customers account for 40% of revenue in an online shop

Your advantages with Shopgate

More revenue with targeted marketing

  • PUSH Marketing
  • Long-term customer retention
  • Very fast loading speed
  • Substantially high shopping cart amounts
  • Visibility in the app stores by Apple and Google
  • Integrated barcode & QR code scanner
  • QR shopping with your own mobile commerce app
  • Perfect for direct marketing


for iPad & Android tablets

Couch Compatible

Tablet apps are dominating the market

Shopping on the couch, browsing in the train or finding the best deals in the elevator: A tablet is always handy and meets the needs and requirements of its users perfectly. It is to no surprise that most customers prefer this "surf board" over a desktop computer for their personal use. Usecase number one here is the use of apps. Become a part of this growing trend and create a tablet mobile commerce app for your shop today. Shopgate offers you the ideal solution customized for your shop and compatible with your customers' needs!

The Perfect Shopping Experience

Ideal product display and navigation on tablets

Customers love shopping apps!

more than 50 billion downloads prove this!

Your advantages with Shopgate

Long dwell times and higher cart amounts

  • Perfect product display
  • Ideal for long-term customer retention
  • PUSH marketing
  • Very short loading times
  • Long dwell times in the app
  • Very high conversion rate
  • Active conversion optimization
  • Visibility in the app stores by Apple and Google
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