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App marketing for your app success!

Shopgate helps you with App Marketing Services to generate more downloads, more orders and more sales via your Shopping App!

App marketing for your app success!

Why App Marketing?

A mobile shopping app is a powerful customer loyalty tool: Once installed, you as a retailer can count on customers ordering more frequently and being made aware of your offer more quickly.

The challenge:

How do you get customers to install and use your mobile shopping apps? 

Just like websites or local stores, mobile shopping apps are usually not a no-brainer: to become really successful, apps need to be marketed to appropriate target groups and offer exciting customer benefits. 

As always with marketing, it's also a cost issue for many dealers. More specifically: A question of profitability. 

Shopgate has been offering app marketing services for several years and supports over 200 merchants. As a customer, you benefit from very valuable experience that enables the optimal use of your advertising budget. 

Advantages of App Marketing

App Marketing powered by Shopgate

Target groups of App Marketing

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Target groups: Website visitors and customers

At Shopgate, we support over 200 merchants in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the USA with our App Marketing Services. 

For all retailers without exception, website visitors and existing customers are by far the most sensible target group for marketing an app. - Online shoppers without an existing connection to the online shop, on the other hand, are more difficult to convince to install an app and make purchases there.

After all, the installation of an app does not happen without reason: online customers install an app when they are interested in the offer of a merchant and expect clear advantages thanks to the app installation.

In short: With our app marketing services, we make sure that you get more out of your visitors and customers!

App Marketing Services

Customer benefits: Create incentives to install an app.

Customers who install a shopping app usually order more frequently and often more. 

It is therefore worth offering special incentives to motivate customers to install and actively use their own shopping app.

In the mobile shopping apps that are created with the Shopgate platform, various incentive systems are pre-integrated. 

Recommended are for example:

  • For a specific period: App Only products
  • App Only Vouchers
  • More favorable delivery conditions when ordering via the app
  • App Only Price Reductions
  • Loyalty programs
  • Valuable information, news or tips etc.

Incentives App Downloads

What exactly does Shopgate offer as app marketing services?

With our mobile marketing services, we support merchants both with organic advertising measures and with the management of paid advertising. Our services include the following areas:

Organic Mobile Marketing

Paid Advertisement

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For the optimal provision of our marketing services, we are also happy to work with our certified partners.

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App Marketing powered by Shopgate

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