The Shopgate Difference

Why Shopgate?

Shopgate is the leading mobile commerce solution built to give retailers beautiful mobile apps and websites that inspire customer loyalty and drive revenue. No more worrying about lines of code and integrations, with Shopgate you can focus on creating remarkable mobile experiences.

Single Admin, Multi-Platform Apps

Shopgate enables retailers to launch native apps or iPhone®, iPad® and Android®, as well as mobile websites for smartphones and tablets all within a single dashboard.

Save Time and Money

With Shopgate’s one-click integrations, you can simultaneously launch and manage apps and mobile sites. That’s 10x faster and more cost-effective than working with developers to build an app from scratch. We’ve done the heavy lifting, now you make the magic.

Get Industry Access via Our Huge Community of Retailers

Not only does Shopgate support the newest mobile devices, our developers are always working to improve the platform, using our own expertise and feedback from our retailer community.

Flexible Pricing

Shopgate’s flexible pricing structure allows you to assemble the ideal package to fit your business needs. Small business, mid-market business, or household name—we bring enterprise-level mobile commerce technology to all.

Stop Being “Mobile Friendly” and Start Being Optimized

Google recommends Shopgate for a good reason. Merchants using our platform are not only mobile-friendly, but fully mobile optimized. With apps and websites designed specifically for the mobile experience, our technology strengthens you to run with the biggest names in eCommerce.


Optimized Conversion Rates

Shopgate apps and sites improve every day. It’s our core mission to drive more sales to your mobile store by always evolving.


Data Driven Conversion Engine

Every month, 50 million users allow us to test the performance and usability of our software. These performance metrics keep us on our toes, ready to pivot when change is necessary. We leverage BIG data for big gains in revenue.


Build Customer Loyalty

Shopgate’s powerhouse marketing tools enable you to build and maintain lasting relationships with your customer base.


Mobile SEO

One out of every three Google searches occurs on a mobile device. Our software generates powerful snippets that draw search engines’ attention and make your presence known.

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