Wynn Las Vegas | May 13 -15 2019 | Booth #721

Wynn Las Vegas
May 13 -15 2019 | Booth #721

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Amsterdam | 22-23 October 2019 | Booth #b18

22-23 October 2019 | Booth #b18

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How to Promote Your Curbside Pickup Technology [+ Infographic]

When your new contactless commerce solution is live, like an in-store or curbside pickup software, here's how to spread the word so your customers know where to shop. Check out our infographic below to learn more!

Though rules and limitations vary from state to state, curbside pickup is now becoming an essential part of the retail industry’s reopening process, as it has shown to be one of the simplest low-contact methods that connect retailers to their customers at their brick and mortar locations.

It’s important to understand that while states are allowing businesses to reopen, consumer shopping habits and retailing as we know it has been disrupted, potentially beyond the foreseeable future.

If you’re a retailer who has decided to offer curbside pickup, determined the safest best practices for your employees and customers, and your messaging is in place, there’s one final step to take as you launch your buy online, pick up curbside (BOPAC) experience – promote your new offering to your customers!

Announce Curbside Pickup on Your Website

Your website is your business’s digital home, and your customers are expecting it to have the most up-to-date information. Once your curbside pickup technology is live, display the announcement prominently on your website in the form of a banner or a pop-up. Take Dick’s Sporting Goods homepage for example:


Pro Tip: Regardless of if you have an ecommerce site or not, if you set up your online retail shop with our rapid contactless pickup software, simply add your shop’s link to a pop-up or banner on your homepage. This will help your customers shop your curbside pickup products more quickly.

Here’s What to Do If You Don’t Have a Website

If you don’t have a website but say, for example, you deploy your curbside pickup technology through our rapid curbside pickup solution, you will be given a link to your new curbside shop.

From there, you can simply add or edit attributes to your Google My Business profile so that the new link will appear on Search and Maps.

Digital Marketing Promotion Strategies

In addition to updating your website and Google My Business profile, there are a variety of ways to spread the word about your reopening and curbside pickup options! Some of the most immediate avenues for promotion include digital communication.

Take stock of your outlets and bandwidth, and consider applying any of the following promotional strategies in addition to updating your website:

  • Announce the launch on social media – Consumers often check brands’ social media accounts for news and updates. Let your customers know you offer curbside pickup by posting on your social media channels. We suggest getting creative with a fun graphic, or you could even record a quick video showing your customers how your curbside pickup will work!
  • Reach your customers through their inbox – If you have a customer email list, sending a quick email with the announcement, curbside pickup instructions, and a link to your website or shop are great ways to re-engage your customers and drive them to your physical store.
  • Add the “curbside pickup badge” to your local inventory ads – If you run local inventory ads on Google, update your inventory by adding a curbside pickup badge. This way, shoppers will know that they can safely order what they need from your store after a simple search.
  • Work with a local publication or resource – Regardless of region or industry, people want to know where they can safely order and pick up what they need. In larger metropolitan areas, local online resources have been popping up for consumers. Here in Austin, TX, we have the Y’allmanac, which serves as an informative, all-encompassing local database of businesses, as well as what they offering (business hours, curbside pickup, online ordering only, etc.). Do some research in your area to see if you can work with a similar resource.
  • Send a press release – Another way to announce curbside pickup to your community is by way of a press release. If you have time (or a marketing resource), craft a quick press release that announces how your curbside pickup will work, your business hours, and more, and work with local outlets to spread the word.

Non-Digital Promotion Strategies

It’s also important to understand ways to promote your new curbside pickup software outside of digital platforms. This way, you’ll have all-encompassing, unified messaging that outlines your customer journey when you launch.

From your website to your brick and mortar location, consumers should be able to easily identify that you’re open for business and offer curbside pickup.

As you prepare for your reopening, consider what tools you’ll need to communicate your curbside pickup and think about ordering the following in time for your launch:

  • Post a banner outside of your establishment – A clear, eye-catching banner hung on your storefront is extremely important for any foot traffic or those driving by your establishment.
  • Print flyers to place around your area – Another way to spread the word is to print and post flyers near your physical store.
  • Send out mailers – If you have a physical mailing list, consider sending postcards or a letter to your valued shoppers letting them know you’ve reopened with curbside pickup, as well as steps for how to order online.
  • Incorporate inserts into your packaging – Packaging plays a role in a positive shopper experience in many ways. If you’re currently shipping online orders, consider adding an insert to your packaging that explains your curbside pickup process.

Ready to Get Started With Curbside Pickup?

We offer versatile omnichannel retail BOPAC software for merchants navigating the reopening process, regardless of existing technologies or inventory structures.

By implementing a low-contact solution for your business that effectively manages your customer orders, you’re able to safely reopen your business and create a new path for future retail success.

To learn more about how you can launch a curbside pickup technology for your business in just a few hours, learn more and get in touch with us today.

Download our Curbside Promotion How-To Here

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