Wynn Las Vegas | May 13 -15 2019 | Booth #721

Wynn Las Vegas
May 13 -15 2019 | Booth #721

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Amsterdam | 22-23 October 2019 | Booth #b18

22-23 October 2019 | Booth #b18

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The Retail Customer Experience & the Human Element of Contactless

In the world of "contactless" retail, the tools you provide your employees set your business apart.

Increasing sales in 2020 may sound like an oxymoron, but it isn’t.

Ensuring a high-quality retail customer experience is critical to your bottom line, as 86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience, with the top 10% of your customer base spending 3x more than your average customer, and the top 1% spending 5x more.

In addition to creating a safe and convenient way for customers to shop, there’s also another dimension to strengthening sales – the informed sales associate.

When offering a unified shopping experience, every step, and every employee, matters.

Similar ideologies can be found in Krulak’s Law – “the future of an organization is in the hands of the privates in the field, not the generals back home.”

In the retail and omnichannel space, this means empowering employees to provide the best experience possible, as they are after all, on the front lines with customers.

Though retailers and their employees must comply with local regulations, merchants can support their employees by providing them with the right tools and technology that provide a low-contact, high-touch experience.

The In-store Experience Isn’t Dead – It’s Just Different

Though the current in-store experience looks much different than anticipated at the start of the year, that doesn’t mean it’s not important.

The need for contactless shopping options has surged over the past few months, including curbside pickup, BOPIS (Buy Online, Pick Up In-store), ROPIS (Reserve Online, Pick Up In-store), and more.

However, ensuring customer and employee safety is also a necessity, so how are both needs served with brick-and-mortar locations?

That’s where contactless omnichannel strategies come into play.

The technology required to implement these strategies allows your employees to stay in-the-know for customers by updating employees as orders are placed and allowing for two-way digital communication during the order process.

Additionally, this can also help employees feel safe and more comfortable, as they are still able to interact with and assist customers, but from a distance.

Retailers should also consider their store layout if they’re looking to adapt their in-store experience for today’s standards. Ensure pickup areas are clearly marked and high-trafficked locations are sanitized regularly.

Choosing (and Training) the Right Talent

For some retailers, this may be a rebuilding period when it comes to restaffing.

More and more are searching for work, meaning that there is likely a wider pool of qualified candidates. Merchants should carefully consider each new hire as they build their staff, with customer service experience of the highest priority, as 42% of shoppers report that they would pay more for a friendly, welcoming experience.

If rehiring is not an issue and employees are returning from furloughs or temporary layoffs, it’s key that employees have access to the new contactless offerings and are trained on the new updates, allowing for a more seamless reopening transition.

Creating a Top-notch Experience for the Customer

Recent studies have found that 59% of all consumers feel companies have lost touch with the human element of customer experience. The benefits of creating a top-notch customer experience have always been bountiful, but it’s important now, more than ever.

By arming employees with the right technology, they’re able to get real-time updates as orders are placed, communicate with customers through each stage of fulfillment, and field any special requests the customers may have for their orders.

This added feature to the buying journey greatly improves the retail customer experience for two reasons.

Not only does an offering like this notify customers of their order status, but customers are able to approach brick-and-mortar locations knowing that they are meeting an informed employee upon arrival.

This makes their experience safer and more convenient, thus increasing the retailer’s chance of more repeat business.

The Best Retail Customer Experience Starts With the Right Tools

The silver lining to these ever-changing times is that the contactless processes discussed today are malleable and can pivot with the ebb and flow of the retail industry.

We unify every step of the omnichannel experience by working with your current systems to create a singular platform, reducing hours of cumbersome work and technical headaches.

To learn more about how you can arm your employees with the best tools by implementing these solutions for your business, learn more and get in touch with us today.