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Case Study: Alpha Industries

Alpha Industries is a fashion brand and fashion retailer that has implemented an iPhone, iPad and Android app with Shopgate. Fans of the brand can use it to shop for their fashion items more easily and regularly.

Alpha Industries chose Shopgate primarily because the app development and app maintenance was much faster and cheaper than the alternative of an in-house project. In addition, the design options were a decisive criterion.

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Case Study at a glance

Company Focus:

Fashion brand and fashion shipping

Products & Services from Shopgate:

The purpose(s) of the 2020 project was to replace the predecessor app with a customised solution for Alpha Industries, including internationalisation. With Shopgate, Alpha Industries has created new iPhone, iPad and Android apps. - Over the course of time, we have carried out a whole series of individual adjustments with our Shopgate software development team to make this app unique. 

Main objectives:

App Marketing Tools:

Achieved goals (excerpt):

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