Catalogues Get a New Lease on Life with Shopgate

This isn’t necessarily a new feature, but it’s one I don’t think we’ve talked about on the Academy blog before.

They say that print is dead, but is it? Even in what is now considered as the ‘ecommerce era’ (mcommerce is on its way to dominating the market) the print catalogue was considered an antiquated relic from days gone by. But thanks to the Shopgate’s Catalogue Scanner, we can breathe new life into this dated sales channel.

The impact that mcommerce has had on trade cannot be denied with more and more purchases being made on mobile devices. Today’s customer wants the opportunity to shop anytime, anywhere. Naturally, the experience should be as pleasant, relaxed and easy as possible for the customer to use their free time effectively.

How then, do we bridge the gap between a relaxed experience and effectiveness with regards to a print catalogue?

With the catalogue scanner, Shopgate offers the combination of leisurely flicking through a catalogue and a modern mobile shopping experience.

With this exciting feature, we make it possible for a customer to conveniently browse the merchandise found within a catalogue to first get an overview of what’s on offer. One they’ve selected a product they like the look of, they simply scan the page number with their smartphone or tablet. The app automatically detects the items that are on that page and displays a link to purchase each one. With a tap, the customer can order the product they want that they just saw in the catalogue.

Additional information regarding products:

The catalogue scanner is also an attractive feature to those merchants who have a large assortment of products. For those merchant who do have a large assortment of products, it is often difficult to fit them all in a print catalogue, if you were so inclined to produce one, simply because there is not enough space. Thanks to the Catalogue Scanner it is easy to display additional products, information and larger images on the customer’s smartphone or tablet.

Want to know more about the veritable boat-load of mobile shopping features that Shopgate offers? Check out our features page or get in touch with us direct.


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