City Gear Steps Into a Mobile Strategy

“Our mobile app creates a new environment for the user to feel submerged in, and catered to, something mobile sites rarely can inspire.” -Charles Gray, Digital Marketing Manager

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Company Profile

City Gear is a prolific urban footwear and apparel retailer, known for high profile shoe releases from brands like Nike, Air Jordan and Adidas. After launching its eCommerce channel in 2014, City Gear immediately saw a high volume of mobile traffic, and needed to rapidly improve its initial mobile offering, which felt like a lite version of its desktop site. City Gear chose Shopgate, seeking a feature-rich and cost-effective mobile app solution that incorporated the look and feel of the brand’s style and tone.

Starting On the Right Foot

With footwear their most lucrative product segment, City Gear needed a mobile solution that would help show off its collections in an effective, modern format. The $211+ billion global footwear market is dominated by a few key brands, with 5 major players dominating 72% of the footwear industry, meaning the retailers who sell these mega brands must take steps to stand apart from competitors who sell the same items. For City Gear, standing out was simple: an app that provides unique features, effortless shopability and undeniable brand flavor.

Full Design Control

A full suite of design widgets allow City Gear full control over the look and feel of their apps, including the option to host a dedicated culture page, shoe release calendar and brand inspiration page.

Push Notifications

City Gear keeps customers engaged with special offers and release announcements via push notifications—also known as the modern solution for instant customer communication.

Shopgate Marketing Services

City Gear knew it was vital to stay ahead of the competition in the app world, and recruited Shopgate's marketing experts to keep every aspect of their mobile strategy modern and effective. As a result, they launched ad campaigns that saw conversion rates as high as 62%.

Success that Shows

City Gear saw improved engagement and stellar order volume after app launch




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