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Use all the advantages of omnichannel and BigData to inspire your customers. Simple and intuitive!


Customers want good service

As part of a study conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) in 2021, customers were asked how important service in retail is to them. 75 percent said that they still expect good and friendly advice in the shops. 25 percent even said they would gladly pay more for good service. Customer service is not a necessary evil: it is a guarantee for success. Clienteling from Shopgate helps you to achieve this.

Know your clientele

With Clienteling, your employees always have all important information directly at their fingertips. This includes their customers' order histories and preferences. This makes on-the-spot advice a breeze.

Mobile and intuitive

With Clienteling, you bring the digital world directly into your shop floor. Your employees have all the data in a clear mobile interface that can be used effectively after just a few minutes.

Omnichannel integration

Clienteling integrates smoothly into your omnichannel suite. This gives your employees many new possibilities. Have articles sent directly to customers' homes during the conversation? No problem!

More customers in the store -
Automated inspire people!

What awaits you

Clienteling takes your customer service to the next level. Based on data and linked to your complete omnichannel environment, you have all the possibilities in the form of an app in your hand. Clear, compact and easy to use.

01. decisions based on data

Clienteling offers a comprehensive overview of order volumes, order types, shopping baskets, processing times, preferred products per location, campaign evaluations and much more. Using a comprehensive data basis, you can optimise processes for your storees, distribute stock based on demand, make location decisions based on data and evaluate product preferences.

02 Optimal counselling

Call up all relevant item data directly on your mobile device. This allows you to advise customers in a targeted manner and answer all questions directly.

03. product comparisons

Call up two items and compare them directly in a clear display via Clienteling. Which weighs more? What material is article A made of? Where was what manufactured? No question remains unanswered.

04. all orders at a glance

Thanks to the order overview, you can always see which items are currently being processed in your shop. Especially in combination with Ship-from-Store, you always have everything in view and keep control.

05. picking directly via the app

Which goods have already ended up in the package? What is still missing? Avoid careless mistakes when picking and picking goods by always having all processes clearly in front of you. 

06. label printing

Directly initiate the printing of shipping labels for orders that are then processed via Ship-from-Store. This way you can arrange deliveries directly while you are still talking to customers. More service is not possible!

07. real-time status updates

How many orders have already been processed? How many customers have already collected their items? How many transactions were lost due to cancellations? Keep track of the current situation in your store.

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Connect your service with the omnichannel!

I will be happy to advise you free of charge and without obligation.

(David Hemken, Senior Inside Sales Manager)


The advantages of clienteling in detail


Simple operation

With Clienteling, you can not only manage e-commerce features, but also gain valuable functions within the shop for more efficient processes, automation and personalised advice for your customers. Everything comes together in your in-store app and is available to you in a clear and user-friendly way. 



Process Click&Reserve and Click&Collect orders. Send ship-from-store orders and accept returns directly in the shop via Return In-Store. Manage all orders with just 3 clicks and have an overview of order data such as articles, product details, quantity, shelf, warehouse and collection window.



Clienteling offers comprehensive insights into order volume, order types, shopping baskets, processing times, preferred products per location, campaign evaluations and much more. With a comprehensive data basis, you can optimise processes for your storees and make the right decisions when it comes to the future.


More time

With Clienteling you have all the information at a glance: Items, prices, product descriptions and other details. This allows you to serve your customers in a more targeted and accurate way, creating a seamless shopping experience. 

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You have a transparent view of your stocks, both in the local store and in other storees or the central warehouse. All information on assortment or product details as well as customer profiles can be called up in just a few seconds. Just like message and chat histories.



No matter whether you rely on Apple or Android: Clienteling works device-independently and gives you every freedom in choosing the right hardware for you in the stores. This keeps you flexible and eliminates a potential cost point upfront.


What our customers say

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From the everyday life of the clients

"You'll have to see for yourself..."

Shopping is actually fun. Actually. After a long foray through the selection on site, we found an item that we really like. Or rather: a technical toy that nobody really needs... but absolutely wants! That's just the way it is. 

But actually we would like a different colour and, in the best case, accessories. A consultant is quickly found, but he looks a little helpless as he turns the box in his hands in front of us and unloads it. Are there any other versions in stock? Shrug of the shoulders.
Are there any accessories in the shop? Shrug.

In the end, the salesman gives up. He doesn't know any more about this particular item either and concludes with: "You'll have to look for yourself...". And lo and behold. You can even get the item cheaper on the internet! Well then...

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Support for your omnichannel strategy

With over 13 years of experience from several hundred projects, our consultants are available to the retail industry with all their knowledge. Based on your specific challenges, we conduct a strategy workshop together with you. On-site or digital - whichever suits you better.

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What customers want

Digitalisation is also changing the demands of customers. But do retailers still speak the same language as their consumers? We have clarified this question in the large Retail Reality Study 22.

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