Three important findings:

Source: PWC Studies 2021


of all consumers in Germany look online for inspiration


of all consumers inform themselves online before they buy


of Germans use the internet several times a day

Digitisation for the sake of digitisation?

Digitalisation has arrived in Germany. Even though the Federal Republic of Germany enjoys the reputation of having missed the leap into the internet, over 95 percent of all people nevertheless have access to high-speed internet. The Federal Ministry of Economics emphasises this on its homepage and speaks of the importance of digital structures. This fact, at the latest, is the final proof for retailers that their own customers have certainly been digitising for a few years longer and have developed corresponding expectations. But how can retailers meet these demands and at the same time use existing strengths and experiences to compete with pure e-commerce?


These are the challenges
traders face:

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Use existing structures

Only a few retailers are already using the advantages of their existing store networks to inspire customers both online and offline. In this way, they create a competitive disadvantage for themselves.


Reach and inspire customers

If you are not where your customers are, you will experience a big problem in the medium term. Therefore, retailers must not only be on the spot, but also understand the digital reality of their customers' lives.


Seamless online and offline operation

Service is still extremely important for customers. At the same time, they do not want to do without the advantages of the digital world. Retailers have to reconcile both.


Optimise customer service

If you don't know and understand your customers, you risk losing them. Therefore, traders must not only collect data, but also process and understand it.


Optimise logistics and implement locally

Especially when it comes to shipping goods, the central warehouse plays a major role for many retailers. However, they ignore the possibilities offered by decentralised shipping from the storees.


Train and develop employees

Retailers not only have to train and instruct employees, but also give them the right tools to survive in everyday life. But what are the right tools?

On- and offline belong together.

We help you to realise it:

Inspire your customers:
No matter which channel!

One thing first: digitalisation is a buzzword that has been haunting the trade and our world for a long time. Many clever minds understand it to mean different things. We are convinced, however, that it primarily describes an attitude. This includes, among other things, not viewing the digital and physical worlds as two separate areas, but rather as one big whole. On- and offline belong together, if only because customers demand it today. We help you to exceed all expectations!

01. store availability

Show your customers in real time which items are available in which store and make the goods visible online. This not only reduces the stock of slow-moving items.

02 Ship-from-Store

Ship goods and articles directly from your storees and rely on decentralised shipping logic. In this way, you make effective use of your existing infrastructure and reduce the need for total warehouses.

03 Return In-Store

Allow your customers to drop off returns directly at your local shop and avoid costly returns via shipping providers.

04 Clienteling

Advise customers comprehensively and supported by processed data directly in the sales conversation. Sales staff have access to online profiles and can include past purchases in their advice.

05. in-store app

Enable your staff to oversee and manage all processes and procedures in the shop with just a few gestures and clicks. So that your colleagues can do what they do best.

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