Beauty Is in the Eye of the App-holder with Shopgate

Beauty shoppers are brand-dedicated, looking for simplicity and convenience in their mobile buying experience. Cosmetics retailers see better customer retention, higher engagement and more revenue through attractive, branded apps.

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Attractive Mobile Solutions for Cosmetics Retailers

Shopgate is a platform built to enable retailers to launch beautiful iOS and Android apps and a mobile website, with no developers or coding. Apps are an ideal platform for cosmetics brands, because of the heavy influence of brand loyalty in the industry. With branded apps, retailers can maintain user engagement with top-of-mind awareness and powerful marketing tools to drive frequent purchase. Consumers can quickly and easily access and re-order their favorite products from their favorite brands, while retailers can effortlessly connect with users with exclusive discounts, announcements and order updates.



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Beautifully Powerful Mobile Experiences

Shopgate has helped cosmetics retailers significantly increase revenue and customer retention with mobile solutions.


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Shopgate is designed to easily plug into your current online store to help your business increase conversions, customer loyalty and revenue from your mobile traffic.

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