Three important facts:

Source: PWC Studies 2021


of Germans welcome digitisation in all areas of life


of households in DE have internet at more than 1,000 MBit/s


of Germans own a smartphone with internet capability

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You ask yourself: Where to start?

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(Ralf Haberich, CEO Shopgate GmbH)

Digitisation as a buzzword

Let's face it: when we talk about digitalisation, five people mean six different things. The term has become a buzzword - a marketing term. But in reality, digitalisation only describes the increasing density of digital products, services and offers in our everyday lives. And many of these things make our lives easier, even if it's just ordering a pizza via an app. But this easy access to what feels like all the services in the world is also changing our demands and expectations. Retailers who find themselves in this field of tension have to find an answer to this new world. But what makes sense? And what is nonsense? Because digitisation just for the sake of digitisation is the best way to chaos.

The challenges
for trade:

Great expectations

We humans are comfortable at heart and we get used to luxury and comfort faster than we would sometimes like to admit even to ourselves. Digitalisation in particular presents us with many things on a silver platter that used to involve a great deal of effort. Accordingly, we now expect this convenience from all areas of our lives. Even when visiting a store or shopping online. And retailers have to make all this possible.

Excessive demand

There is an app, a programme or a tool for almost everything. But which tools are really useful and what inflates one's own offer without providing added value? Retailers are faced with this question every day. Accordingly, it is crucial to use exactly the technology that enables the maximum benefit - without overwhelming you and your customers. Which works well, however, is often a process of trial and error. Retailers don't just pay for this with money.


As offers grow, so do the system landscapes in the background. Retailers often grow organically in the digital sector and supplement their existing systems with so-called "island solutions". However, these technologies cannot always be integrated smoothly, resulting in congestion, errors and failures that even experts have a lot of trouble resolving. And the employees in the store are usually hopelessly overwhelmed by this.

We help you bring the threads

Digitisation is not only a technical challenge, but also a planning one. What software is needed for what? How can processes and structures be mapped in such a way that they effectively support the retail trade? What do customers want and what falls into the "nice-to-have" category? We are a reliable partner at your side and have many solutions and even more good ideas with our omnichannel suite. So that you can shape your path into the future the way you want it.

Shopgate Omnichannel Suite Features

Our answers to the
digitalisation: the omnichannel

01. store availabilities

Show your customers in real time which items are available in which store and make the goods visible online. This not only reduces the stock of slow-moving items.

02 Click&Reserve

Some customers want to get information and make reservations online. But they would like to "experience" the goods before they buy them. With Click&Reserve you offer them exactly this service.

03 Click&Collect

Offer your customers the possibility to order and pay for goods directly online and then pick them up in the shop on the same day.

04. in-store app

Enable your staff to oversee and manage all processes and procedures in the shop with just a few gestures and clicks. So that your colleagues can do what they do best.

05 Clienteling

Advise customers comprehensively and supported by processed data directly in the sales conversation. Sales staff have access to online profiles and can include past purchases in their advice.

06 Ship-from-Store

Ship goods and articles directly from your storees and rely on decentralised shipping logic. In this way, you make effective use of your existing infrastructure and reduce the need for total warehouses.

07 Return-in-Store

Allow your customers to drop off returns directly at your local shop and avoid costly returns via shipping providers.

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Trade - how are you really doing?

Our world is changing with digitalisation. We asked customers and traders how they perceive the demands and reality in their daily work.

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