Three important facts:

Source: PWC Studies 2021


of all consumers in Germany look online for inspiration


of all consumers inform themselves online before they buy


of Germans surveyed use the internet several times a day

Being heard in a loud and fast world

An age-old and somewhat martial saying in the corporate world is: "If you don't advertise, you die." Sounds harsh, doesn't it? Well, maybe because it's true. Retailers and companies live not only by putting together good offers, but also by presenting them to interested customers. And the digital shop window has become just as important as the physical one in the shopping mall. But how do companies really present themselves in a digital world that can be perceived as overstimulating?


With these challenges

fight traders:


Choosing the right channels

The internet is vast and there are inexhaustible ways to communicate. But not all channels make equal sense. Simply because they don't reach your customers. But how do you get into conversation with your own customers and above all: where are you seen?


Data processing

Having data and making data usable are two very different challenges. It is precisely retailers who use data effectively that can accompany their own customers unerringly when they shop and turn them into regular customers. But where do you start?


Making local offers visible

Even the best product at the best price can become a slow seller if it is not discovered by anyone. Therefore, all goods and products of a retailer must be visible where customers can find them. But how do you get product data securely and easily onto the web?


Synchronise stock levels

Is the item available directly in the store? This is the question many customers ask themselves before they decide to visit a store. But for this to happen, local store data must be synchronised with your online offers in almost real time. And please do it automatically!


Bringing digital customers into the storees

Visitors to your online offers are great! But it is even more great when these users become people who enter your shop in real life. This not only creates perfect upselling opportunities, but also builds a relationship! But how does that work?


Handle shipping from the storees

Someone has bought online from you - perfect! But now your customers want their goods as quickly as possible. And although the item is only a few hundred metres away from the customer in the store, you still have to ship it from the central warehouse. Can't that be done better?

We have an answer!

And we are happy to share them with you.

Quick, Faster - Retail

The internet is fast-moving and what is valid today could already be outdated tomorrow. To be successful in the long run, traders must always keep an eye on all developments - or rely on a partner to take over. And this is where we come in. Because we have a whole range of good answers to your questions and the challenges of retail.

01 Google Shopping and Inventory Ads

Use the power of Google and become visible in the world's most important search engine - with local offers and advertisements that are prominently and preferentially displayed by Google to your local customers!

02 Click&Reserve

Some customers want to get information and make reservations online. But they would like to "experience" the goods before they buy them. With Click&Reserve you offer them exactly this service.

03 Click&Collect

Offer your customers the possibility to order and pay for goods directly online and then pick them up in the shop on the same day.

04 Clienteling

Advise customers comprehensively and supported by processed data directly in the sales conversation. Sales staff have access to online profiles and can include past purchases in their advice.

05 Ship-from-Store

Ship goods and articles directly from your storees and rely on decentralised shipping logic. In this way, you make effective use of your existing infrastructure and reduce the need for total warehouses. 

06 Shopping Apps

Bring your products directly to your customers' smartphones! With Shopgate's shopping apps you can bind your customers even closer to your company. No matter if you advertise exclusive offers and discounts or integrate your product catalogue and your online shop: Millions of active users per month love Shopgate Shopping Apps!

Path 248-01

Digital visibility

- Near Me

Take advantage of local availability and be found on the web at the same time: Thanks to Google's "Near Me" search, which more and more people are using every day. How does it work? We'll tell you!

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