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Shopgate is the clear path to mobile evolution, but we also optimize mobile storefronts to present the most inviting and engaging digital experience possible. Even Google® recommends Shopgate. Our phenomenal layouts and visionary UI design guarantee an exceptional mobile shopping experience.

Fully optimized for mobile SEO

Optimized for all mobile browsers

Increase your conversion rate

Mobile devices account for more than 50%
of the world's ecommerce traffic.

Stunning Design

Build beautiful mobile stores using the latest iOS8 and Android Material Design standards.

Total Control

With widgets, merchants can make updates on the fly to keep site content fresh, highlight the latest promotions, make changes to hero images, change header and footer information, upload product videos, and much more, without any programming.


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Marketing Tools Proven to Drive Sales

Shopgate’s powerhouse marketing tools enable you to build and nurture lasting relationships with your customers.

An Intuitive Backend to Easily Manage Everything

Shopgate’s merchant backend is incredibly simple to use, yet very powerful. From marketing, design, analytics, reporting to integrations, your entire mobile business is managed from a single dashboard.

Seamless Integration with Leading eCommerce Technologies

Shopgate partners with almost every eCommerce platform available. Our one-click integrations make it easy to extend your online business to include apps and mobile websites.

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