For Food and Beverage Retailers, Apps are the Main Course

With 25% of American households currently buying groceries online, retention-focused mobile apps are becoming the #1 tool for online food and beverage merchants.

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Amazon’s Recent Acquisition of Whole Foods Makes Retention More Important than Ever for Online Food and Beverage Retailers.

Consumers who buy groceries online expect a convenient and seamless shopping experience, otherwise they might as well go to the store. That’s why apps are the perfect platform for food and beverage retailers looking to offer these types of online experiences that inspire lifelong loyalty. With branded apps, retailers can maintain user engagement with top-of-mind awareness and powerful marketing tools, like targeted push notifications, to drive frequent purchases and long-term loyalty.

Food and Beverage Industry


Back for Seconds: Shopgate Apps Yield Next-Level Retention Rates and Long-Term Revenue Streams


Food and beverage retail apps have 10.3x higher retention than mobile web

Push Notifications

Sending a push notification can increase conversions by 300% and retention by 20%

Cost Per Purchase

New customers cost 7x more than a retained customer per purchase

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