Growing Your BigCommerce Store with a Shopgate Mobile App

A Guide to Launching a Powerful Mobile Experience with the Platform You Already Trust

Shopgate is thrilled to announce that we have officially partnered with BigCommerce to provide their clients with best-in-class mobile apps, equipped to provide remarkable shopping experiences to their customers.

What’s the easiest and most effective way to modernize your eCommerce strategy while increasing customer engagement and retention? The answer is, quite simply, a mobile app. Mobile is the only source of online traffic that continues to grow—and the vast majority of mobile purchases are happening within apps.

Our free guide to integrating your BigCommerce store with the Shopgate mobile app platform will teach you why mobile is the way to go if you want to drive consumer acquisition, engage the consumers who’ve committed to your brand, and retain customers as a long-term strategy. You’ll also learn:

  • Why mobile apps’ totally unique capabilities are leading the retail race
  • Why BigCommerce selected Shopgate as their certified mobile partner
  • The steps to mobilizing your BigCommerce store with a seamless Shopgate integration
  • Real-life retail success stories propelled by this partnership