Grunt Style's Signature Attitude
Soars on a Shopgate App

"We didn't have a mobile site before Shopgate, but at one point nearly 75% of our traffic was coming through mobile. After getting an app, our conversion rate rose to over 4%."
—Tim Jensen, COO of Grunt Style

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Grunt Style Testimonial

Company Profile

Founded by two military veterans in 2009, Grunt Style is the quintessential story of an American dream come true. Starting at a shopping mall kiosk, they rapidly expanded into a multi-million dollar apparel business. With the help of nearly 400 employees, Grunt Style manufactures and sells patriotic, military-inspired clothing to a loyal and booming market segment. Leveraging social media, they connected to a vibrant, growing network of shoppers, with 244k followers on Instagram alone.

Shopgate’s Mobile Features:
Grunt Style’s Perfect Fit

Grunt Style needed to go mobile, and fast. But they weren’t willing to sacrifice the shopping experience that solidified their reputation among thousands of like-minded customers. Grunt Style was confident in their products, services, and community. They needed an app to match, and Shopgate’s platform delivered the mobile solutions that promoted Grunt Style to a truly omnichannel retail experience.

Clean Design and Intuitive Layout

By building their mobile presence on Shopgate’s platform, a mid-sized business like Grunt Style can present a polished and modern visual configuration on par with international retail giants.

Outstanding UI and UX Elements

Grunt Style customers can expect excellent usability, interactive elements, and a simple checkout process. This holistic approach to a flawless digital experience drives conversions and retains customers.

One-Click Payment Services

We work with increasingly popular one-click payment services like Apple Pay® in addition to standard credit and debit cards. This variety eases the checkout process for Grunt Style customers by honoring their individual payment preferences.

Building a Unit With Shopgate's Partners and Integrations

Grunt Style relies on one of Shopgate's most prized partners, Shopify Plus, to power their eCommerce shop. The sophisticated, yet simple, customization options match perfectly with the Shopgate platform to provide Grunt Style the easy inventory and purchasing process their customers demand.

The ultimate goal of a mobile app? Taking your retention game to the next level. With the assistance of Shopgate's partner ReCharge, Grunt Style launched a series of subscription plans, allowing members of "Club Grunt Style" to receive a new t-shirt each month at a recurring cost. With ReCharge's robust customer portal already integrated with Shopgate, ordering products on a recurring basis is seamless.

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Climbing the Retail Ranks

Within 6 months of launching, Grunt Style found that Shopgate’s apps converted customers 76% more than a mobile website and doubled their mobile outreach potential.


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