Shopgate Integrations

One-click integrations guarantee you’ll be up and running in no time without writing a single line of code.


2ClickShop System is a professional online B2B wholesale platform integrated with warehouse and accounting systems. B2B system is a virtual center for business customers, to provide comprehensive service trade relations between the seller and the business customer. Solution-based B2B system allow customers to purchase your products without the need for assistance from your company. B2B systems can tell you in one location information about product availability, order history, history inquiries, invoices, accounts, merchant credit limits and individual prices and discounts.

Software 2ClickShop is the only online store that has been integrated with the most popular programs, warehouse-shopping mode and Real-Time Exchange Date. 2ClickShop, in cooperation with the program, constantly monitors the warehouse stock and prices, products available in the eshop B2B system or Allegro.

There are unlimited possibilities to customise the platform to your needs. You can carry out numerous integrations with wholesalers, warehouse management systems, accounting systems and financial accounting. Thanks to its server scalability, 2ClickShop can be upgraded with optional and individual modules.

At Shopgate, we’re able to offer integration with this popular shopping cart. If you use 2ClickShop shopping cart software, we make it easy to integrate Shopgate’s mobile commerce solution. We automatically support the export of products, categories, product ratings and import orders straight into your shopping cart. Our plugin for 2ClickShop also supports Shopgate Connect, which means your customers can use the same credentials to sign into your mobile store as your web store.