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After years of building custom ecommerce solutions for medium to large businesses, 3dcart founder Gonzalo Gil, thought he could compile many of the most requested ecommerce features into a simple and affordable shopping cart. He managed to balance the once price-prohibiting and highly customized ecommerce solutions of the late nineties, and make them available to a wider range of businesses.

Over the past 15 years, 3dcart has evolved into a robust ecommerce platform with more than 15,000 merchants all over the world and an enduring drive for innovation and value. Shopping carts from 3dcart allow you to market and sell your products online, and your clients will order with ease. 3dcart includes all the features necessary to build an online storefront software. What’s more, it allows you to manage your store over the web, control online and offline payment options, set-up real time shipping options, contact your customers, manage your shop inventory, and much more, all without writing a single line of program code.

At Shopgate, we’re able to offer integration with this popular shopping cart. If you use 3dcart shopping cart software, we make it easy to integrate Shopgate’s mobile commerce solution. We automatically support the export of products, categories, product ratings and import orders straight into your shopping cart. Our plugin for 3dcart also supports Shopgate Connect, which means your customers can use the same credentials to sign into your mobile store as your web store.