Shopgate Integrations

One-click integrations guarantee you’ll be up and running in no time without writing a single line of code.


The aspdotnet ecommerce software is packed with features. They have a long feature list, but that’s not where their pride lies. Aspdotnet’s features are intelligent, incredibly flexible and built with a single intention – to help you run your business.

Their software allows you to bring products into your store from distributors, pass orders out to your accounting package or move contact details into a CRM solution, (or any one of countless other integrations). This ecommerce software has over one thousand configurable settings. Source code is also available for total functionality changes.
Aspdotnet is an ecommerce platform that uses proprietary MultiStore Technology. Successful selling online can be expanded within minutes. Buy a new domain, add a new store, map some or all of your catalog to your new domain and you’re up and running.

At Shopgate, we’re able to offer integration with this popular shopping cart. If you use aspdotnet shopping cart software, we make it easy to integrate Shopgate’s mobile commerce solution. We automatically support the export of products, categories, product ratings and import orders straight into your shopping cart. Our plugin for aspdotnet also supports Shopgate Connect, which means your customers can use the same credentials to sign into your mobile store as your web store.