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Cliplister’s one-stop service takes over all aspects of adding up-to-date original manufacturer video content to m-commerce stores. Cliplister collects manufacturer videos, creates a profile for each one that specifies characteristics such as language or video classification, optimize sound and picture quality, handle general licensing issues, and automatically match content to the corresponding products in retail sites. Cliplister takes care of all of this so that as online merchants and manufacturers you can keep your focus where it belongs: on your business. Since Cliplister can be implemented by manufacturers and online merchants of all sizes and industries, its customer base is growing at a steady pace every day. Cliplister offers the use of manufacturer videos that are both legally compliant and in conformance with the brand. An an authorized merchants you can gain access to videos from over 1,000 brands. With Shopgate you can easily embed videos from Cliplister into your mobile store.