Shopgate Integrations

One-click integrations guarantee you’ll be up and running in no time without writing a single line of code.


Ialla have established themselves within the last few years to become a serious service provider in the ecommerce market. Ecommerce hosting is just one of our areas of expertise, however they are not a mass hoster, there is no mass processing. Every customer is at the center. Other services include customized ecommerce solutions for special requirements. Their server systems are tested around the clock. Ialla serves thousands of shops, from SMEs to large corporations. Ialla has specially optimised server environments for the support of their online shops.

At Shopgate, we’re able to offer integration with this popular shopping cart. If you use ialla shopping cart software, we make it easy to integrate Shopgate’s mobile commerce solution. We automatically support the export of products, categories, product ratings and import orders straight into your shopping cart. Our plugin for ialla also supports Shopgate Connect, which means your customers can use the same credentials to sign into your mobile store as your web store.