Sole Searching: KicksUSA Steps Into Apps

Post app launch, KicksUSA increased app conversion rates 75% on average through targeted push notification campaigns.

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Company Profile

KicksUSA, founded in 2002, is an urban footwear and apparel provider operating in Philadelphia, New Jersey, and surrounding areas. In addition to their online store, they have 40+ brick & mortars along the east coast. They carry top sports apparel and sneaker brands including Nike, Jordan, adidas, Reebok, and more. They strive to be the go-to retailer for families and sneakerheads alike.

Kicking the Competition with Shopgate

KicksUSA was looking for a more seamless omnichannel experience. With a primarily millennial customer base, they couldn’t afford to ignore mobile and an increasingly dominant app market. By joining with Shopgate, KicksUSA created a united shopping experience for their mobile, desktop and in-store presence, with exceptional results.

Push Notification Campaigns

For the typical sneaker enthusiast, keeping up with release news and special offers is a must. With thoughtful and relevant push notification campaigns, KicksUSA can both keep users engaged and boost sales.

Mobile-Focused, Targeted Design

Strong, defined categories based on current trends and seasons can expedite the path to purchase. Using Shopgate’s easy-to-use design widgets, KicksUSA can keep their homepage fresh and up with the times.

GPS-Supported Store Locator

With their large number of brick & mortars, KicksUSA needed to make sure store information was readily available on the go. By connecting the mobile device's GPS services, customers can see the closest store location, as well as contact details and hours.

The Shopgate Upshot

KicksUSA was a hit with their mobile sneakerheads.


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