MyWmtGear Builds a Mobile Superstore

“We are very thankful for the affordable pricing, customer service, and marketing assistance that Shopgate gives us.”

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Company Profile

Award-winning retailer MyWmtGear designs, produces, and sells Walmart-branded apparel and gear for employees of the American mega-retailer. Beloved in the Walmart community for its high-end quality, huge product selection, and diverse sizing, MyWmtGear has been a powerhouse since it was founded in 1993. Due to its huge audience, MyWmtGear identified a need for another shopping channel—one that provides the convenience and ease that busy Walmart employees demand. Prioritizing cost effectiveness and marketing assistance, MyWmtGear found their home on the Shopgate platform, and the results have been nothing less than super. In less than a year, they generated over $1,000,000 in app revenue—and the numbers just keep growing.

Gearing Up For Mobile

Since MyWmtGear specifically wanted to offer an alternative shopping experience for their loyal customers, they sought out the features that make mobile apps truly unique. Shopgate provided the perfect app platform that makes mobile shopping intuitive for all users, with easy marketing features that produce tangible and measurable results.

Push Notifications

MyWmtGear cites push notifications as their favorite Shopgate feature because they can see how much revenue is generated by each notification, helping them plan products, sales, and messaging.

Favorites List

Allowing shoppers to keep lists of favorite items enables MyWmtGear to send out push notifications to alert customers when their favorite items are on sale.


MyWmtGear recognized the need to bridge their paper advertising with their Shopgate mobile app. The camera-enabled AdScanner allows shoppers to scan advertisements to find specific products, cutting down the time spent browsing and searching.

The Stats Are Super


App Downloads

$1 million

App Revenue


Push Notification Enablement Rate

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