NanaMacs Walks the Runway to Retention

“Social media comes and goes, but a mobile app is always one message away from reengagement.”
—Jeremy Shute, eCommerce Manager of NanaMacs

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Company Profile

NanaMacs is a rapidly growing, family-owned retail company based in Idaho. NanaMacs specializes in trendy, yet classic, women’s fashion. In its mission to offer a large, diverse inventory, NanaMacs finds the most unique and timeless styles in everything from office attire to beachwear to heels worthy of dancing the night away. While enjoying a large social media following, NanaMacs longed for a more personal and effective way of communicating with their customers. They found a great look by pairing their Shopify Plus platform with a Shopgate mobile app, building a catwalk that leads straight to customer loyalty.

Fashion Forward With Mobile

NanaMacs explored different methods of reengaging customers, including a Facebook campaign and a text message system to notify customers of new items and promotions. Neither proved to be a perfect fit. Allured by the promises of push notifications, NanaMacs found a convenient and efficient communications tool in the Shopgate Dashboard. The power of push gave NanaMacs the customer engagement they longed for, proving that simple and easy messaging never goes out of style.

Push Notifications

Shopgate’s diverse notification abilities gave NanaMacs the ability to not only inform customers of promotions, but to enhance the performances of their other channels—particularly by advertising their popular Facebook Live sessions.

Easy Checkout

Outfitted with convenient features like Facebook Login, Apple Pay, and a camera-enabled credit card scanner, NanaMacs reduces cart abandonment and encourages repeat purchases by making the payment process as easy and quick as possible for their customers.

Favorites List

Fashionistas are able to keep a list of their favorite products within the NanaMacs app. This easy-to-use feature allows them to keep track of the products they’re longing for, so they can keep an eye on product availability and promotions.

Shopgate Pairs with Shopify Plus
to Provide the Perfect Fit

The customizable Shopify Plus platform allows NanaMacs to strut its style, giving the brand the infrastructure necessary to avoid web and inventory glitches. We here at Shopgate think it's the perfect fit, matching our own customizable options that are always en vogue.


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