This is what omnichannel brings you

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Digitalization challenges us all.
That is our response:

01. store availability

Bring your local stock online and be found online! This way you can attract new customers and inspire your regular customers with transparency. And all this is completely automated!

02 Click&Reserve

Allow your customers to reserve products online and pick them up directly in the store - and pay for them there. In this way, you can combine the convenience of e-commerce with the benefits of local shopping.

03 Click&Collect

With Click&Collect, your customers can reserve items and products online and pay for them directly on the web. They can then collect the goods they want directly from the store. This is where you can shine with optimum service and exploit your upselling opportunities!

04. shopping apps

We use nothing as often as our smartphone. That's why it's essential for retailers to be in their customers' pockets, too. We help you with that!

05 Ship-from-Store

Turn your stores into decentralized shipping warehouses and send online orders directly from the stores! This not only saves you many kilometers of travel and protects the climate, but also costs in the central warehouse.

06. return-in-store

Enable returns to be made directly in your stores. This will not only bring your customers into the store and increase your upselling potential. You also save money on return costs!

07 Clienteling

Bring the digital and the physical world together and enable your employees to provide perfect advice! With a dedicated app for your employees, you bring all important information - customer and product specific - directly into the hands of your experts!


This is how retail becomes fit for the future!

It's not a matter of "either-or"! If you want to be successful, you have to seamlessly connect all relevant physical and digital touchpoints in the future. Find out how to do this in our whitepaper! 


These companies are already benefiting from omnichannel

Omnichannel is not a one-way street, but an approach that puts your customers at the center. The targeted solutions and possibilities are as diverse as the companies themselves. The goal is to transfer all the strengths of the classic retail world into the digital cosmos.


Fashion retailer SØR has turned its stores into decentralized fullfilment hubs, bringing online business directly to its local stores. And customers are celebrating the convenience this brings, while SØR saves on costs and effort.


Shoepassion has used the past crisis years to focus fully on its own strength.
And thanks to omnichannel functions like Click&Reserve, it brings this strength directly to its customers. This brings more sales thanks to upselling!

Harbor Freight

Harbor Freight is one of the largest home improvement stores in the United States. But that alone doesn't bring customers into the stores. That's why the company relies on a shopping app from Shopgate - with more than 2 million monthly users.

These are the advantages of omnichannel

Increase your sales, make customers happy and get noticed on the web!

Omnichannel LP Icon Digital Visibility
Digital visibility
Digital visibility

Bring your local stocks online and make them visible thanks to transparent product availability. Reach new customers and increase your reach.

Omnichannel LP Icon Increased Sales
More turnover
More turnover

Increase your sales thanks to the omnichannel through increased reach and greater awareness on the web - as well as upselling directly in the stores. Bring your customers from the Internet to your stores and profit from it!

Omnichannel LP Icon Cost Spade
Save costs
Save costs

Thanks to omnichannel, you can save money. Whether it's the cost of shipping goods or returns. Thanks to ship-from-store and return-in-store, you can turn your stores into decentralized fullfilment hubs!

Omnichannel LP Icon Absolute Overview

Absolute overview

Absolute overview

Always keep an eye on all relevant key data and figures of your company, no matter whether it is about branches or the online business. This way, you always make decisions based on data and facts.

Omnichannel LP Icon Happy Customers
Happy customers
Happy customers

Inspire your customers with the convenience of online retailing - without having to give up the strengths of brick-and-mortar retailing. Use the advantages of both worlds and put your customers in the center!

Omnichannel LP Icon On and Offline Connect
Connect online and offline
Connect on and offline

Link all your channels to serve a common goal: Your business success. Use the advantages of the digital world and combine them with your strengths as a stationary retailer!

Omnichannel LP Icon-Resourced-For-The-Future
Equipped for the future
Equipped for the future

Tomorrow's commerce is omnichannel commerce. Without barriers, hurdles or borders - whether online or offline. Those who recognize these signs of the times today and adapt to them can only win.

Omnichannel LP Icon-Sustainable-and-Digital
Sustainable and Digital
Sustainable and DIgital

Our world is digital. But we also have a purely physical responsibility to this planet. Omnichannel not only helps us meet the most modern customer requirements - it also helps us preserve this world for our children.

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Let's talk omnichannel

Omnichannel is the future - and yet as individual as the companies themselves. Together, we will find the right answers to your questions.

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