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oxide eSales

The Freiburg-based OXID eSales AG is one of the leading manufacturers of e-commerce platform solutions in the German-speaking region.

Companies like Bitburger, Trigema, Edeka and Schiesser in B2C or Mercedes-Benz Gebrauchtteile Center, GROB-WERKE and Murrelektronik in B2B operate online shops based on the OXID eShop platform.

This is known for its high adaptability, flexibility, quality and short time to market.

What makes OXID eSales is the sum of what the company calls the OXID ecosystem: every single employee, unique customers, over 150 certified partners, the day and night active community, the highly appreciated service, the helpful support team and the knowledge transferring academy.

The advantages: a high speed of innovation, high-quality developments and long-term investment security.