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Plot Projects

Plot Projects equips mobile apps with the most accurate location solution to provide app owners, mobile marketing automation platforms, and their customers the location intelligence they need to successfully market to on-the-go mobile users.

Plot Projects’ technology uses location-based services to add context to mobile customers’ buying habits. These services make use of information on location events like entry, exit, and dwell times within a specified location, such as a store or a neighborhood. With the power of geofencing and beacons, you’ll be able to reach out to users based on their current location and location history. This ability allows mobile marketers to better understand, engage, convert, and retarget customers.

Shopgate has integrated with Plot Projects, using their SDK to harness the power of location-based marketing. Plot Projects enables Shopgate clients to use location information to inform their user segmentation, push notification campaigns, deep links, and more. With Plot Projects, a Shopgate app becomes more than a sales channel. It becomes a mine of valuable information that tells you more about your customers and how they shop in person and on their phones.