Mail order in figures:

Source: PWC Studies 2021


Billion packages worldwide (2020)


Billion packages (in Germany 2020)


grams of CO2 (per parcel shipment)

A sea of parcels

Our world is a world of parcel shipping. If the number of shipped cardboard boxes from the year 2020 alone were stacked on top of each other based on standard sizes, this tower would reach a height of 39 million kilometres. For comparison: the moon is only 384 thousand kilometres away. These are already cosmic dimensions - and cosmic challenges for trade. And for our planet, of course. Because every parcel in transit generates climate-damaging greenhouse gases as well as high costs. In general, it is safe to say that as convenient as shipping goods directly to your doorstep is, it also presents enormous challenges for retailers.


The challenges of trade:


Complicated logistics processes

While the demands of clients are constantly increasing, the structures in the background are also constantly growing. This can quickly make them confusing, complex and prone to errors.


Advantages are not used

Despite proven infrastructures, many established retailers still find it difficult to use their acquired strengths effectively in competition. This is a clear disadvantage in the battle with online retail.


Rising costs for service providers

More and more parcels are rolling along the roads and rails of our country and need more and more hands to help them along. Service providers usually pass on the costs for this to traders 1:1.


Last mile as a "black box

Where is my parcel?! This question accompanies all traders who send goods and articles. And it is not always easy to answer. Because the last mile in particular remains a black box.


Desire for more climate awareness

How do you ship goods and products without harming the climate? It seems almost impossible. And yet that is exactly what customers expect from retailers today. Sustainability without sacrificing service.


Rising costs for processes

It's not just the costs of service providers that are rising - traders' own structures also cost a lot of money every day. No matter whether it's personnel costs, training or storage space. Efficiency is the order of the day.

Our solution

But these challenges can be overcome.
With a solution - and many good ideas.

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Save shipping costs with omnichannel solutions

Let's be honest: It's not enough to turn a screw and bring about fundamental changes. But that's not our approach or the goal of our Shopgate Omnichannel Suite. Rather, we provide you with a package of adjusting screws and shortcuts that can be seamlessly integrated into your existing system architecture and optimises the things you want to optimise.

01. store availability

Show your customers in real time which items are available in which store and make the goods visible online. This not only reduces the stock of slow-moving items.

02. click&collect

Offer your customers the possibility to order and pay for goods directly online and then pick them up in the shop on the same day.

03 Click&Reserve

Some customers want to get information and make reservations online. But they would like to "experience" the goods before they buy them. With Click&Reserve you offer them exactly this service.

04 Ship-from-Store

Ship goods and articles directly from your storees and rely on decentralised shipping logic. In this way, you make effective use of your existing infrastructure and reduce the need for total warehouses.

05 Return-in-Store

Allow your customers to drop off returns directly at your local shop and avoid costly returns via shipping providers.

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