Examples of Contactless Retail | Infographic

Keeping your business thriving with low-contact, high-touch solutions

“Contactless,” “low-contact,” “touchless” – these are the dominant words floating around the retail space as businesses adapt to evolving consumer trends.

In order to be successful, stores need to employ efficient fulfillment experiences that cater to their customers’ shopping behaviors.

Enter: Contactless retail.

Fortunately, the tools needed to make these changes are readily accessible today, as at its core, contactless retail is rooted in omnichannel. Brands can then use the melded physical and digital experience that omnichannel offers to create the most personalized and engaging shopping environment with an added layer of safety.

The most successful retailers are the ones who offer the most convenient choices for their customers. This infographic outlines variations of contactless omnichannel retail experiences to help you identify how to adapt as a merchant.