Germany is European returns champion

In no other country in Europe are more parcels returned to the sender than in Germany. In 2020, there were 315 million parcel shipments alone, according to the statistics service As a result, the returns alone generated more than 157 thousand tons of CO2. In addition, returns cost retailers a lot of money, from postage to warehouse expenses and processing and qualification.

2020 over 315 million return shipments

Assuming a standard carton for each return, this quantity alone would mean a tower 189,000 kilometers high. That is half the distance from the earth to the moon.

32 flights with the 747 from Munich to New York

According to DHL, each parcel shipment generates 500 grams ofCO2. Following this calculation, one could fly 32 times from Munich to New York for the return shipments. With a Boeing 747.

Postage: Cost driver for retailers in the case of returns

According to the EHI, returns are one of the biggest cost items for companies with mail order operations. Postage takes second place after inspection and quality control.

This does not have to be!
With Return-in-Store you save costs, protect the environment and inspire the clientele!
Shopgate customer SØR saves immense costs
by using ship-from-store and return-in-store.

Returns directly to the store

The option of handing in returns directly at stores provides retailers with an effective tool for significantly reducing their own operating and returns costs. At the same time, they are given the opportunity to tap into the great upselling potential that customers bring with them into the stores. With good advice and foresight, a pair of returned trousers can turn into a full shopping cart. And in addition to more satisfied customers, retailers also make a major contribution to climate protection. Automated and controlled by a smart software solution that turns omnichannel from a vision of the future into an advantage in today's competitive environment.

The Omnichannel Suite explained simply

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The advantages at a glance


Save shipping costs

By returning returns directly to your stores, you avoid costly return shipments via parcel service providers and services.


Increased customer satisfaction

Customers are also happy when they don't have to carry boxes and boxes of parcels to a post office or parcel branch - but directly to your branch!

Flexible working hours

Less effort for returns

Reduce the workload of your warehouse staff by relieving them of the processing of countless individual incoming shipments

Flat hierarchies

Automated and intelligent

Return-in-Store supports you and your employees in the store intelligently and proactively, giving you a perfect overview of all processes at all times.


Avoid CO2 emissions

Every kilometer that does not have to be driven is a kilometer for the environment and the future. Your contribution to a greener world!


More sales with upselling

Returns in the store mean that customers come directly to the store. This opens up the opportunity for comprehensive advice and further upselling!


What our customers say

Experience Return-in-Store live

Experience Return-in-Store and the entire Shopgate Omnichannel Suite live in a no-obligation demo or preview!


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Reduce return costs by up to 70%!


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