Serve online orders decentrally directly from the storees - and thus save shipping costs and CO²!


Save shipping costs - reduce CO2

Today, the mail order business has already reached a volume that quickly goes beyond imagination. Every day, millions of parcels travel through the Federal Republic and generate a corresponding amount of greenhouse gases. In addition, this logistics costs a lot of money, not least to retailers. So what if retailers could turn their existing storees into small decentralised fulfilment hubs? To process orders directly on site? And thus not only save costs, but also contribute to environmental protection. Complete with smart and automated order routing and great flexibility. All this is not a dream of the future, but already reality today. With Ship-from-Store from Shopgate.

Shorter delivery routes with a small CO2 footprint.
Use your location advantage, deliver faster and protect the environment at the same time. Short and fast delivery routes are good for customers and nature.
Better product availability!
Each store becomes part of your fulfilment network. This means you avoid losing sales just because your shipping warehouse is empty - but goods and products would be available in a store.
Resources used optimally.

Use your resources in the complete shipping process as effectively as possible and avoid parallel structures. This is not only easy on your wallet, but also on your nerves.

Ship-from-Store explained in under two minutes:

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A parcel tower out into space

In 2020 alone, over 131 billion parcels were sent worldwide. If you stacked them all on top of each other, you could build a tower that would cover more than half the distance from Earth to Mars. This massive amount of parcels not only puts a massive burden on service providers and retailers, but is also a huge burden on our environment. Let's talk about how we can make a positive contribution here together! 

Ship from stores with Shopgate

Turn your stores into smart decentralized fulfillment centers and save time, effort and, most importantly, cash!

Smart Order Routing

Thanks to Smart Order Routing, you can optimize your shipping processes and ensure that goods are always shipped on time and reliably. If, for example, a store is unable to serve an order because goods or capacities are not available, orders are forwarded to other stores.

HubSpot Video
HubSpot Video

Freely configurable

Based on freely definable shipping rules, Smart Order Routing forwards orders to individual or multiple stores within a definable radius.

Decentralized and uncomplicated

Once orders are completed and packed at one or more stores, based on their shipping rules, your customers will proactively receive a progress notification. Then, all that remains is to transfer the orders to a shipping provider of your choice.

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Do you already ship directly from the store?

Reduce your shipping costs and protect the environment at the same time! We will help you - I will be happy to advise you free of charge and without obligation!

(Agnes Folaji, Senior Business Development Manager)


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