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Shopgate powers native mobile apps for over 1,000 merchants worldwide.

City Gear needed an app to capture its unique brand identity, and found the perfect solution in Shopgate.  READ CASE STUDY >
Enjuku Racing elevated their mobile experience with the Shopgate app platform, resulting in an 11.4% conversion rate. READ CASE STUDY >
Drag performers and reality television stars built an inclusive marketplace for merchandise and found a home with Shopgate. READ CASE STUDY >

Princess Nail Supply realized that B2B can be mobilized, too—and experienced as much as 20% growth in one quarter. READ CASE STUDY >
With Shopgate, NanaMacs finally found the customer reengagement they’d been shopping for. READ CASE STUDY >
gruntstyleWithin 6 months of launch, Grunt Style’s mobile apps converted customers 76% more than a mobile website. READ CASE STUDY >
Innovative retailer MyWmtGear thought outside of the big-box with a mobile app, and saw over 37,000 downloads.  READ CASE STUDY >

Crucial Vacuum took back control of their mobile experience with Shopgate, increasing their conversion rate by 42%. READ CASE STUDY >
helidirectHeliDirect launched a mobile app, and just one month later their sales were through the roof. READ CASE STUDY >
KicksUSA increased their conversion rate 75% on average with push notification campaigns.  READ CASE STUDY > 

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