Enjuku Wins the Mobile Innovation Race

Enjuku Racing decided to bring their marketing strategy up to speed with a Shopgate app,
resulting in an astounding 11.4% app conversion rate.

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Company Profile

Enjuku Racing Parts has specialized in auto performance parts across a variety of auto powerhouses, including Aston Martin, BMW, Infiniti, Lexus, Nissan, and many more. With nearly two decades in the auto parts industry, Enjuku has an aggressive R&D strategy, striving to expand to new vehicles on the market with each coming year.

Getting A Mobile Jumpstart

Enjuku needed the innovation speed to match their competitive product strategy. With an ever-growing product catalog, they wanted to find a more user-intuitive way for their customers to browse on mobile. Shopgate provided them the perfect app platform to launch quickly with the mobile shopping experience their customers desired. By combining an improved mobile interface with app-exclusive offers via push notifications, Enjuku increased their conversion rates 32x compared to their mobile site.

Advanced Navigation and Search

Enjuku has the flexibility to provide their customers the app journeys they need. Menus organize the products by car make, part type, part brands, and more. Enjuku also makes use of Shopgate’s advanced product search feature, which allows customers to directly type what they’re looking for to save time and effort.

Affirm Monthly Payments

Since Enjuku sells high-end and high-value products, they allow customers to take advantage of a monthly payment system. Shopgate has partnered with Affirm Monthly Payments to offer both Enjuku and their customers a transparent, surprise-free payment option that has proven to boost conversion rates.

Push Notifications

Enjuku Racing utilizes Shopgate push notifications to send customers app-exclusive offers and updates on new product releases. This instant customer communication is unparalleled by any other sales channel—and customers love the personalization and quickness of these messages.

Taking the Lead with Shopgate

The results are in. Buckle up.


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