Princess Nail Supply Wins the B2B Crown with Shopgate

“Smartphones are part of our society. This is the way businesses are shopping and buying now.”

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Company Profile

Princess Nail Supply is a true Cinderella story: founded in a 10x10 garage in 2003, the company started out by selling foot spas to local nail salons and on eBay. In less than a year, they saw enough success to expand to an office, warehouse, and new product brands. As they continued to grow, they started entering the spa furniture market, then established direct relationships with some of the biggest nail supply companies in the world. They launched their own eCommerce site in 2010, and since then, have become a well-known distributor for beloved beauty brands like OPI, Essie, China Glaze, and ORLY.

Polishing Off a Successful Mobile Strategy

In 2016, Princess Nail Supply noticed a trend around them: everyone was using mobile apps to make purchases. This didn’t seem to discriminate against B2B, either—mobile was taking over all sectors of retail, no matter what the product offerings and clientele were. Recognizing an opportunity to become a leader and get ahead of the mobile wave, they found a convenient and efficient sales tool by integrating their BigCommerce store with a Shopgate app.

Easy Control and Design

Princess Nail Supply found great relief in the Shopgate Admin, which allows even the youngest novices to control the design, navigation, and marketing tools of their app. This was made even easier by the effortless integration of their BigCommerce shop into the Shopgate platform.

Favorites List

Recognizing that most nail salons can’t order all of their products at the same time, Princess Nail Supply utilizes this feature to enable clients to save and organize the products that they plan to buy in the future.

Automated Push Notifications

Princess Nail Supply lures in shoppers by sending automated push notifications to users who haven’t opened the app in a certain number of days. These friendly notifications alert users to new products, sales, and the most simple messaging of all: “We miss you!”

The B2B Throne: Never Out of Reach with Shopgate

Smart design and the perfect pairing of BigCommerce and Shopgate gave Princess Nail Supply the customer engagement they longed for, proving that simple and easy marketing doesn’t have to be challenge for a B2B app.


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