Omnichannel Fulfillment

Optimize your in-store experience by giving your associates the tools to fulfill orders and create even more convenience for your customers.





Offer Multiple Ways to Fulfill Orders and Drive In-Store Traffic

Allow for multiple fulfillment options within the same order, providing them the ability to pick which items they want immediately, and which items are worth waiting for.

Buy Online, Pick Up and Return In-Store
Enable your customers to buy in-app, then select the time and place where they want to pick up their products. Offer an easier-than-ever in-store return process that eliminates the pains of shipping and processing.

Make Your Order Routing Smarter
Set up routing logic based on store inventory so customers always have an available pick-up location for the items they want.

Flexibly Split Orders
Allow for multiple fulfillment options within the same order, providing them the ability to get the items they want, pick which items they want immediately, and which are worth waiting for.


Increase Efficiency and Remove Fulfillment Errors

Remove the barriers of order fulfillment and gain the ability to pick, pack, and ship with confidence and clarity.

Order Prioritization
Prevent backup and falling behind by bringing your most pressing orders to the forefront and perfecting the timing of your other orders.

Scanners for Ease and Accuracy
Use intelligent barcode scanning using your device’s camera or an external infrared scanner for quick, accurate validation.

Effortless Printing
Wirelessly print instant shipping labels, packing slips, and other materials with just a tap of your screen.


Stay Close to Your Customers at Every Stage

Customer service doesn’t stop at the payment stage. Keep your customers’ satisfaction within your reach by maintaining communication and gathering data on how your fulfillment can always improve.

Communication for Every Purpose
Utilize automated email, SMS, and push notifications to keep your customers updated on the stages of the fulfillment process that they’re interested in, whether it’s packaging, shipping, or delivery.

Sophisticated Performance Analytics
Access real-time analytics on current orders, workflows, overall cycling time, location handling, and customer engagement so you can discover the lapses in your fulfillment process and find productive ways to be faster and more thorough.

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