Transparent availability

Bring your local stock online and ensure clarity for your customers and benefit from more traffic on the internet.


Customers want to shop locally

As early as 2020, the digital industry association Bitcom found that a good 66 percent of consumers would like to support businesses and shops in their immediate vicinity. But in order to do so, customers also need to know that these businesses and, above all, their offers exist! With store availability, you receive an important component for this and the possibility to display the inventory of local shops online. This way, your customers will always know whether their desired products are in stock.

Fewer shopkeepers

Reduce the number of your slow sellers by presenting them where they should be: In front of your customers.


Show transparently and in real time which goods and stocks are currently stored in your storees! Your customers will thank you for it.

Google Shopping

Take advantage of store availability in combination with Google Shopping, which especially recommends local inventory!
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From the everyday life of clients

Family life

Life with small children can be overwhelming. And especially as a mum, there are duties and tasks galore, so the days have to be well planned. And that also applies to the shopping for daily necessities. Clothes that the children slowly outgrow, nappies, wet wipes, milk formula and various other small items become full suitcases and oxen trips in no time. And then the catastrophe: milk formula is sold out - nappies no longer available in the right size! And now? Helplessly, the search begins in other shops for the right items and in the end the mother brings home emergency solutions - and a whole lot of anger.

Retailers could already alleviate a lot of pain by providing information about the availability of goods in their shops online, especially in combination with their own mobile commerce apps. And in the shop, sales staff could have found a solution directly by placing an order in the system that sends the desired items to the stressed mother's home. With omnichannel, all this would be no more than everyday life - and yet a huge help in the lives of many people.


Transparent store availability

Transparent advice -
Start trading tomorrow today!

(Miriam Steuernagel, Inside Sales Manager)

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So that you do not get lost in the jungle

The internet offers endless possibilities - and unlimited pitfalls for traders. Which technologies are really important? What do you need and what don't you need? We provide answers. Free of charge and without obligation!

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