The App Marketing Playbook

A Comprehensive Guide for Successfully and Efficiently Launching Your eCommerce App

Download Shopgate’s App Marketing Playbook for full access to best practices complete with a step-by-step checklist, free!

Retailers know mobile apps are a must. Savvy retailers know their loyal consumers prefer to shop via mobile app because of their ease of use and retailers are taking advantage of their ability to communicate quickly and directly with push notifications.

Great, you have launched an app! But how to drive consumer acquisition and continue to engage the consumers who’ve committed to your brand by installing your app on their mobile phone? We’ve launched an App Marketing Playbook to make sure your app is successful. In it you’ll find in-depths insights, best practices, practical how-to guides, and creative advice for marketing your app across a multitude of platforms.

In the Playbook, you’ll explore the 3 phases of app marketing:

      • Customer Acquisition
      • Continued Engagement
      • Measuring for Success