The Push Notification Playbook

9 Winning Push Message Strategies to Build Your Most Loyal Fanbase

For digital marketers, email has long been the default method of customer outreach. While email remains a powerful communication channel, its shortcomings are becoming more obvious and challenging every day. For savvy marketers, push messaging has become the channel of choice, thanks to the direct access it grants them to their customer base, and the myriad possibilties for segmenting to improve message relevance.

In this playbook, we explore 9 strategies that will help you build push messages that engage your customers when and how you decide, as we discuss user segments, timing, frequency and much more. See how push notifications outperform emails:

  • Open rates 68% higher
  • Click-through rates above 10%
  • Response times measured in seconds, not hours

Find many more insights in the full whitepaper. Download now to learn how to leverage the retention model for your eCommerce store.