Defining The
Tomorrow Of Retail

"Defining the tomorrow of retail" - sounds pretty pompous, doesn't it? Well, it's certainly a matter of taste. But for us, it is both a commitment and a mission. Our goal is to think about tomorrow today, to understand and accompany trends and developments. Our customers enter into a partnership with us and place their trust in us to accompany them on their way into the future. And we have no intention of disappointing them.

Our claim:

Retail is changing, especially in times of digital transformation, even faster and more blatantly than even the boldest forecasts would have suggested a few years ago. Our large Retail Reality Study, among others, shows this very clearly. For end customers, the internet and online retailing are becoming increasingly important. Even industries whose brand core is the feeling and experience of products have to live with the new digital trends. For example, 54 percent of the customers we surveyed said they prefer to buy beauty products online - slightly more than stationary shoppers (52 percent).

The answer to these developments can only be omnichannel or unified commerce. And here we stand by our customers. Because: without the right tools, ideas and inspiration, store-based retail is fighting with two hands tied behind its back against the big and bigger fish on the internet. We therefore help retailers to exploit their advantages and master their challenges.

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Retail is changing and facing major challenges. But do retailers and customers really speak the same language? Find out here in the free Retail Reality Study!

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Felix Förster
VP Customer Success

Martin Neumann
VP Sales Europe

Sebastian Lauk
VP Marketing

Marilena Reh
VP People & Culture

Innovation always needs people who live it and drive it forward. Learn more about the personalities that make Shopgate what it is!

Our technology for
your advantage

In addition to creative and innovative minds, Shopgate also relies on modern technology, which always brings you one step forward. Learn more about the MACH architecture, our MVP approach and about data security at Shopgate!

These are our core values:


The courage to innovate

We live progress and demand it from all our colleagues. We think that this is the only way to create space for development.



Technical progress doesn't need huge research departments, but above all smart minds. We have them.



Working stiffly through tasks is not our thing. We live and love creativity. And above all, our customers benefit from this!



We maintain a consistently open and constructive style of communication with our clients. Honesty is very important to us.



The future will always bring challenges big and small. To master them, we build on partnership.


Solutions for tomorrow

Tomorrow's world must also face global challenges. We want to be a small part of the solution.


State of the Art

We rely on state-of-the-art technology that opens doors and breaks new ground. So that our customers are always ahead of the game!



We rely on a network of successful partners. Only in this way can we guarantee the best results and outcomes.



We do not replace existing technology, but complement it. To improve and modernise what is already there.