Whitepaper: The Loyalty Factor

How apps help retailers turn one-time visitors into loyal, lifetime customers.

In the search for lasting success in eCommerce, many retailers turn their focus to acquiring new customers, by whatever means bring in the most customers, for the smallest investment, in the shortest time possible. This tactic seems practical and sensible on the surface, but when we peel back the layers, we learn that acquisition isn’t the most profitable driver of revenue.

Download our latest whitepaper to gain in-depth insights into the four success factors of online shops, and learn about the theory, reality, opportunities, data, success stories, and challenges of the customer retention approach for eCommerce retailers. You’ll discover the four types of customers, and learn how you can turn one-time visitors into loyal, repeat buyers.

  • New customers cost 7x more than returning customers
  • Increasing customer retention just 5% can increase revenue by 25-95%
  • While just 8% of site traffic is attributed to returning users, 40% of sales revenue comes from these same repeat buyers

Find many more insights in the full whitepaper. Download now to learn how to leverage the retention model for your eCommerce store.