Surviving the “Retail Apocalypse”

A playbook for driving consumers in-store and keeping your stores thriving

Right now, there are clear winners and losers in terms of physical retailing. The retailers that are staying ahead of the pack with physical stores are taking their in-store customer experiences to the next level by intertwining digital within their four-walls. What’s more, a large part of their in-store digital successes includes utilizing the mobile channel to create convenient and frictionless shopping experiences for consumers.

“Physical retail is not dead, boring retail is.” –Retail Influencer, Steve Dennis

According to a recent Forrester Wave1, retail mobile apps “must now meld the physical and digital worlds for customers — not simply bridge them, and it must offer a top-notch user experience because it is used by the brand’s customers.”

Our latest ebook discusses the top in-store experiences to take your customer’s retail journey to the next level including:

  • Creating a BOPIS (buy online, pick-up in store) environment for the consumer
  • Allowing even more choices with ROPIS (reserve online, pick-up in store)
  • Frictionless returns with BORIS (buy online, return in-store)
  • Delivering relevant experiences with geofencing
  • Arming store associates with key information

1. https://marketingland.com/in-store-apps-are-now-rated-like-products-forrester-report-finds-258261