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Shopgate Investor Relations

The majority of Shopgate is privately held by the Shopgate management. With Creathor Venture and NorthCap, two renowned and entrepreneurial investors came on board. Ever since, Shopgate has been growing exponentially and was able to extend its global market lead in mobile commerce solutions.

As a leading European Venture Capital firm, Creathor Venture invests in technology-oriented companies and entrepreneurs. The focus is particulary on mobile, e-, m-, s-commerce, media, cloud, life science, mobile health and diagnostics. Regional focus is on Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Scandinavia. The current portfolio of more than 30 companies is actively supported in development, growth and internationalization by our team of 15 staff. The management team of Creathor Venture consists of the founder of the former Technologieholding VC GmbH, Dr Gert Köhler as well as Ingo Franz, Cédric Köhler and Karlheinz Schmelig. The team has built more than 200 technology companies successfully, conducted more than 20 international IPOs and has achieved exceptional returns for fund investors and the financed entrepreneurs in the past. Creathor Venture manages funds of more than EUR 180 million (USD 240 mio) and currently has four Offices in Germany (near Frankfurt & Munich), in Zurich and in Stockholm. The investors of the current fund include the European Union, through which the fund receives funding from the "Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme" (CIP), and the "ERP EIF fund of funds" and the LfA – Gesellschaft für Vermögensverwaltung mbH, both facilities of the European Investment Fund ("EIF"), fund of funds, family offices and entrepreneurs. As the largest investor in Creathor the management underlines its entrepreneurial orientation.

Northcap invests in European IT entrepreneurs, especially in the business-to-business and business-to-business-to-consumer fields. Northcap raised its third fund in 2012 and has a strong track record of expanding and internationalizing hyper growth tech companies. The investment stages range from early stage to growth.


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Andrea Anderheggen, Founder and CEO
Phone: 1-800-490-2467
Email: anderheggen@shopgate.com

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