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Shopgate's Package for Online Merchants Includes:

  • Mobile Online Shop

    for all Smartphones & Tablets

  • iPhone App

    Apple Smartphones

  • Android App

    Android Smartphones

  • iPad App

    Apple Tablets

  • Android Tablet App

    Android Tablets

Test us now! 30-day money back guarantee!

  • Up to 10x times
    more revenue

    from mobile visitors

  • Up to 50%
    more revenue

    from customers with installed apps

  • Competitive

    through innovation

Which additional costs should I expect?

  • You need an Apple Developer Account for iOS apps. This will cost $99 per year. Your account will be created after your registration at Shopgate.
  • You need an Android Playstore Account for Android apps. This will cost a one time fee of $25. Your account will be created after your registration at Shopgate.
  • We charge $99 per hour for individual adjustments and additional features to your account. However, we recommend that you contact our tech team in this case and discuss the possible adjustments.

Why does Shopgate charge a monthly fee?

Shopgate takes care of the hosting, regular updates, and other maintenance work for your mobile shop. The low monthly fees covers this work.

Why do I have to pay transaction fees?

Shopgate is currently the most efficient mobile commerce solution in the world. - Our goal is to offer every merchant the possibility to step into mobile commerce with the least amount of risk, while providing the best solution on the market. In return, we become part of your success with a relatively low transaction fee. When you are successful, so are we. We will support you in every way possible to ensure that your mobile shop is successful!

I am looking at other alternatives at the moment. What makes Shopgate different from other companies?

We believe that our company offers an unique solution for merchants. We focus on increasing your revenue and there is not an alternative on the market that provides the same innovation and range of services that Shopgate offers. Please do not hesitate to give us a call, if you are interested in finding the best solution for your company.

Can I change my package later?

Yes. The processing fee costs $39. If you are interested in changing your package, please call us.

Can I use my own domain for the mobile shop?

Yes. For example, you can use the domain m.yourshopdomain.com.

Which payment methods can I use with Shopgate?

Shopgate offers many different payment methods which you can set up in your login/ admin area after registration. You can find the current payment methods and payment systems listed on the website under 'Features'.

Is Shopgate PCI Compliant or PCI certified?

Yes. Shopgate is PCI DSS certified and thus fufills the highest form of data security and requirements in the credit card industry.

Does Shopgate also offer me marketing consultation for my mobile shop?

Yes. We support you from the very beginning to ensure that your online shop is correctly positioned on the market and also provides further assistance when needed. In addition to that you can find information about mobile marketing strategies, projects with merchants, and the lastest developments and studies on our blog, Facebook page, and Twitter.

Can I also order a package without transaction fees?

Yes. Our enterprise solution for large companies with a high order volume offers you fixed flatrate fees. Please call us at 1-800-490-2467 or send us an email to sales-us@shopgate.com to discuss the possibilities for your shop.

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