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Mobile shopping apps for stronger customer loyalty

Mobile Shopping Apps: Create, publish and maintain them quickly, easily and with high quality with Shopgate.

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Mobile shopping apps for stronger customer loyalty

Advantages of mobile shopping apps from the perspective of online customers

Mobile shopping apps are an attractive shopping channel for online customers. Because online customers want above all:

  • Discover exciting products,
  • Save time,
  • Save money,
  • receive good customer service.

The Mobile Shopping App saves time, especially when customers want to shop repeatedly: Thanks to the stored customer profile, they can order at any time with just a few clicks without the hassle of logging in or registering again: One-Click Payment as it should be!

The mobile shopping app can save money if merchants offer more attractive offers such as coupons, lower prices or similar monetary benefits in the mobile shopping apps. Merchants have every reason to do so: because mobile app customers often generate much more revenue than normal web customers. App customers often order many times more than normal, often transient web customers.

The app is also ideal for convenient and faster browsing on the go, as a constantly present access to your favorite retailer on your smartphone. 

With automatic delivery or availability notifications thanks to push messages, new communication options and fast user guidance, the company's own Mobile Shopping App offers optimum conditions for the best possible customer service.

Mobile shopping app for online customers

Shoepassion Mobile App
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Mobile shopping app for retailers

Advantages of mobile shopping apps from the point of view of retailers

The mobile app offers an exciting competitive advantage: a permanent presence on customers' smartphones.

If app marketing succeeds in convincing customers to install and use their own mobile shopping app, retailers can expect more frequent purchases from these customers.

Depending on the assortment, app customers can order up to 12 times more frequently than the more transient, less loyal web-only customers.

The mobile app is therefore particularly interesting for retailers who want to encourage their existing customers to make repeat purchases or who want to offer a quick ordering option.

Mobile apps ultimately serve to build customer loyalty.

Through push message marketing, mobile apps also offer entirely new ways to communicate with customers quickly, directly and, most importantly, personally. There is now an entire industry of technology providers dedicated solely to segmented, intelligent push messages to increase customer satisfaction and sales.

The success of an app, much like the success of a website, local store or other channels, depends on its marketing. That's why Shopgate offers app marketing services in addition to the technology to create and manage mobile apps.

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We place the highest value on user-friendliness, simplicity, speed and individuality of shopping apps. Convince yourself:

Mobile Shopping App powered by Shopgate

Alpha Industries App

for iPhone, iPad and Android

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Pollin Electronic App

Pollin Electronic App

for iPhone, iPad and Android

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Shoepassion App

Shoepassion App

for iPhone, iPad and Android

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Simple connection

In the last 10 years we at Shopgate have connected over 200 technology providers, such as payment methods, marketing tools and shop interfaces. 

Our goal is to integrate Shopgate into existing trading systems as quickly, easily and cost-effectively as possible. Where others need many months or even years, we need a few days or weeks.

Shop systems & ERP

Payment providers (excerpt)

Agencies & solution providers (excerpt)

Prices: How much do mobile shopping apps cost at Shopgate?

Mobile shopping apps are not simple e-commerce features, but completely new sales channels with an almost endless series of exciting functionalities: They ultimately represent an online shop in all its facets, supplemented with special app-specific technologies and advantages.

The world of apps has been divided into two "camps" for over a decade: iPhone/iPads and Android users. Anyone running shopping apps should consider the differences between these two operating systems.

Mobile shopping apps should be maintained permanently because iOS and Android - the mobile operating systems from Apple and Google - regularly change, offer new possibilities or set new standards.

Mobile shopping app development and maintenance are often perceived by many businesses as rather complicated or expensive for the reasons mentioned above. And it usually is!

The good news: 

Shopgate offers various all-round carefree packages that include the entire technical management of your shopping app if desired.

Our prices are a fraction of the cost you would have to pay for an equivalent in-house development!

Would you like to receive a non-binding offer? We recommend a free consultation or the creation of a test account.

Would you like to have a consultation? 

Talk to us personally:

Martin Neumann from Shopgate

Martin Neumann

Vice President Sales

Mobile Shopping App powered by Shopgate

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Inside Sales Manager

Our best features

Mobile App by Shopgate

Customizable design

Anyone who looks at the mobile shopping apps from Shopgate will quickly see: Each one looks different, individually created. This has a simple reason: We offer full customizability of the mobile shopping apps.

Interfaces Shopgate

Simple shop integration

Do you already use an online shop system like Magento, Shopware, Shopify or the like? No problem! Shopgate offers powerful interfaces for a seamless management of your online shop.

Icon Scan


A scanner for QR codes, barcodes and image recognition is integrated in all Shopgate apps as standard. This allows you to link any promotional material directly to a purchase via your mobile shopping app.

Icon Support

push marketing

Push messages are extremely effective because they are sent directly to the customer's smartphone.

Mobile Coupons Vouchers by Shopgate

Vouchers & Loyalty Cards

Various voucher systems, digital customer cards and other loyalty instruments are already integrated into Shopgate. This way, you can convince your customers to install your app.

Mobile Payment by Shopgate

mobile payment

Would you like to offer Apple Pay, credit cards, Sofortüberweisung, PayPal & Co. as payment options? - At Shopgate we have integrated over 40 leading mobile payment methods.

Successful merchants rely on Shopgate.

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More customer loyalty thanks to shopping apps?