Mizuno Wins with a Mobile App from Shopgate

The sporting goods giant created a powerful mobile app and immediately experienced a 14% higher AOV over their desktop site. What could Shopgate do for your brand?

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Retention Is Critical For Growth And Profitability

The cost to acquire new customers continues to increase year over year making it critical for retailers to make it easy for shoppers to buy again and again.

Retained Customers Cost Less

It can cost a brand 7x as much to acquire a new customer as compared to keeping an existing one.

Retained Customers Spend More, More Often

Returning customers spend 55% more on each purchase and are 65% more likely to buy during their visit

Retention Means Profit

Increasing your retention rate by just 5% can increase your profits by over 75%

Apps Provide an Unparalleled Retention Channel for Retailers

Sustained Engagement

Engage your customers in real-time with segmented push notifications detailing your latest promotions, products and updates.

Exceptional Experiences

85% of consumers prefer to shop on a mobile app over a mobile website because of native functionality like one-touch checkout through Apple Pay.

Brand Visibility

An app keeps your brand top of mind with your logo staring back at your consumer from their home screen.

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Retail Apps Powered by Shopgate Are the Smart Choice For Increasing Customer Retention

Features Proven to Engage and Retain

From total design control to segmented push notifications, Shopgate gives retailers the tools to go mobile with no coding required.


Target customers by gender, location, device type, and more with your latest promotions, products and offers.


Automate push notifications based on your customer’s behavior — like abandoned cart reminders.


Make every ad shoppable with camera-enabled image scanning that links directly to the products advertised.


Fight cart abandonment and drive conversions with one-touch digital wallets.


Understand the people who use your apps and reach them with powerful mobile ad campaigns.


Shopgate’s IOS Spotlight Search showcases in-app products above web results giving retailers even more exposure.

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“With the Shopgate platform, we are now able to host unique content and deals on our mobile app, providing both special purchasing opportunities, as well as peaks into the culture of our brand.”


Over 160 Integrations with Leading eCommerce Technologies

Shopgate supports most eCommerce platforms and integrates with the leading apps and partners.

+ over 100 more technology and agency partners

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